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July 2018

As the Greater Bridgeport Latino Network (GBLN) celebrated its “Quinceañero” for 15 years of their service to the Bridgeport community, PSEG was honored to support and be a part of the celebration. The celebration was held aboard the Port-Jefferson Ferry that departs from Bridgeport’s harbor and heads towards long Island providing the perfect ambiance for a sunset cruise with views of our beloved city and the new environmentally friendly combined cycle power plant in the harbor. Unit 5 is rising in the ckyline and providing jobs for our community and a tax base for our city. The Greater Bridgeport Latino Network is dedicated to promoting community engagement to address the socio-economic issues affecting Latinos through networking, communication, collaboration, and education. GBLN is an established and community supported network of organizations and individuals sharing news, information, ideas, opportunities, and services. We are #PSEGProud

Monday July, 16th - Excitement filled the air at PSEG yesterday morning as the 3rd Ready2Work class celebrated the beginning of their careers in Connecticut’s construction trades. For participants, the Ready2Work program is the first step in obtaining a high-paying union apprenticeship. This class, sponsored by Ferreira Construction, is comprised of 14 individuals, 11 of which are Bridgeport residents and represent neighborhoods within the city such as Black Rock, North End, East Side, West End and East End. Participants represent a multitude of various demographics including women, veterans, African Americans and Latinos.    The Apprenticeship Readiness Training Program aims to prepare Bridgeport residents for high-paying careers in the construction industry. Ready2Work is part of a half-million-dollar private investment in the residents of the city of Bridgeport. Students will attend five classes over a 14-month period comprised of classroom instruction hours along with hands-on training. All classes are held at

“Unidos en una sola voz” or “United in one voice” was the motto this past weekend as Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County (PRPFC) celebrated its 25th anniversary. PSEG Power CT sponsored PRPFC who had events spanned from Friday July 6th to Sunday July 9th and celebrated the Puerto Rican and Latino cultures right here in our own community. The Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the Puerto Rican Community through the promotion of economic development, education, social advancement while celebrating the incredible culture. The Puerto Rican Parade is a culmination of events that includes a pageant, banquet and a parade. Individuals from all over the tri-state area attend and participate in the festivities to celebrate their Latino heritage. PSEG Power CT is proud to sponsor the Puerto Rican Parade as we

PSEG believes that it is important to be involved in the community, and what better way than the Barnum Festival! A long-standing tradition in Bridgeport, this Sunday, July 1st PSEG joined the 2018 Ring Master Johnny Vazzano for the 70th annual Barnum Great Street Parade.   As a festival that originated in 1948 to help support local businesses and honor world-renowned showman and city leader, P.T. Barnum. The Barnum festival has become the signature event in the City of Bridgeport spanning from late spring to early summer and is geared towards building community spirit, fostering philanthropy and celebrating all of the cultures represented by the city’s residents.   PSEG is a company that deeply values the community and is proud to sponsor The Barnum Festival and its events that celebrate everything Bridgeport.