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September 2018

September 5, 2018- Today PSEG celebrated the graduation of Ready2Work class number three and all of their accomplishments over the past seven weeks. For all graduates, the Ready2Work program is only the beginning of a rewarding career in the construction trades. Representatives from Building Pathways Connecticut and the city of Bridgeport were in attendance to congratulate the graduates on their accomplishment. For many, the Ready2Work program meant leaving something behind in order to create a better future for themselves and their families. Tanen Whittington, a Ready2Work class three graduate, shared his story and how he felt about the program; “We sacrificed a lot. We have children, we have families and some people had to leave jobs, but this program produced hard working individuals who have the drive to be successful. I hope all individuals of our city and other cities

On Tuesday, September 5th the Mayor and City Council honored PSEG Power Connecticut at Bridgeport’s latest City Council meeting. PSEG’s commitment to the community and economic leadership with the construction of the new state-of-the-art Unit 5 Project, PSEGReady2Work Program and its role in the city as a corporate citizen were recognized by the city and its council members.   An Official Proclamation and Citation was given by Bridgeport City Council President, Aidee Nieves, to PSEG Representatives, Richard Thigpen, SVP Corporate Citizenship, Jim Gilroy, Public Affairs, Scott Matheson, Unit 5 Project Director and  Karl Wintermeyer, Plant Manager. The City Council members extended their best wishes and hopes for PSEG’s continued success, along with their community partners, Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders. Citations from the Bridgeport City Council and the mayor’s office are awards given to residents and organizations that have accomplished something significant in the city.   PSEG is