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June 2020

On Friday, June 19th, 2020, PSEG and the PSEG foundation announced the launch of the Powering Equity and Social Justice initiative. PSEG made a generous $1 million commitment to support organizations that address the racial injustice, inequality, and human rights in communities of color. Philanthropic support will be provided to organizations in New Jersey, New York and anywhere PSEG operates, due to the initiative from the Powering Equity and Social Justice. PSEG restates their pledge to increase its business with diverse suppliers, such as minorities, women, veterans, service-disabled veterans, and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs. PSEG continues to strive toward their goal of increasing their business with diverse suppliers to at least 30% of the company’s appropriate supplier spend by 2023. With the new Powering Equity and Social Justice initiative, philanthropic support for organizations that work to challenge systemic racism, as well as

To help reenergize Bridgeport’s downtown economy, Bridgeport Downtown Special Services District (DSSD) has launched a small business relaunch grant program with support from local leadership. Among that leadership, PSEG has supported the DSSD to ensure that all of the businesses at the core of our city have every opportunity to reopen successfully. For businesses that have had difficulty receiving funding from federal and state initiatives, these grants will provide a $2,500 stimulus paired with pro bono technical assistance in a wide variety of business redevelopment areas. Bridgeport Harbor Station 3 plant manager Vinny Fiumidinisi stated “PSEG is proud to support Downtown Bridgeport businesses as they reopen and overcome the unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that Downtown Bridgeport will be able to re-emerge as a positive, welcoming, and vibrant community at the intersection of commerce and culture.”