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Arbor Day at University of Bridgeport

PSEG officials with Bryant school students teaching them the importance of arbor day

Arbor Day at University of Bridgeport

On April 26th, 2019, the University of Bridgeport and PSEG teamed up with students from Bridgeport’s Bryant Elementary School teamed up with students from the University of Bridgeport to celebrate Arbor Day. PSEG proudly sponsored the event which was focused on educating younger generations about the importance of preserving our environment and sustainability. Guest speakers included State Representative Steve Stafstrom, PSEG representative Jim Gilroy who spoke to students about what we are doing to help the environment and how every individual has the opportunity to make a difference while Keynote speaker David Kooris, a member of Stamford’s Board of Representatives, spoke about the importance of resiliency and sustainability. Students from grades K-6 had an educational and exciting day filled with fun activities dedicated to raising awareness and promoting more eco-friendly habits ending with tree plantings around the city.

Do you know the impact one tree can have on a city such as Bridgeport? Trees act as air purifiers for the planet, taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. According to NC State University, one large tree can supply a day’s worth of oxygen for four people. They also help to reduce ozone levels in urban environments making for better air and water qualities. When people live in a cleaner environment, the quality of living becomes better too!

At PSEG we are dedicated to our environment and teaching the next generation the importance of caring for our planet. We are excited to commence operations this summer for our new environmentally sustainable combined cycle plant Bridgeport Harbor Station 5.