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Locally owned business on-site at BH5

Chef Sarah

Locally owned business on-site at BH5

Serving up food “Like mom used to make” is the specialty of Bridgeport born Aunt Viv’s food truck. The local food truck staple offers homestyle cooking at a reasonable price to people all over the Bridgeport community and to workers on the BHS 5 site since August of 2018. Aunt Viv’s founder, Sarah Bridges, has been delivering her comfort food cuisine to patrons since 2016 and came to BHS in 2018 as a way for workers to have access to food while working on site.

Inspired by the memories of her mother’s cooking, Sarah Bridges wanted to offer people quality homecooked meals that sparked their own memories of food and family. Aunt Viv’s was born from this mission to honor Sarah’s mother Vivian (better known as Aunt Viv) and her skilled cooking. Sarah and her husband Robert Bridges combined their passions for cooking to create the dynamic duo that is behind Aunt Viv’s. Robert also came from a background of passionate chefs having been raised in the south. His style of cooking embodies true southern homestyle cooking and compliments Sarah’s unique style of cooking which was passed down from her mother. Aunt Viv’s is dedicated to delivering customers with homecooked food which evokes memories of time spent with family.

“I love when people come to the truck or into the restaurant and say this reminds me of my grandma or this reminds me of my aunties cooking” – Sarah Bridges, owner of Aunt Viv’s

2016 marked the beginning of Aunt’s Viv’s adventure into the food truck world, quickly learning how to adapt to their patrons while serving food from a mobile kitchen. Through their connections and word of mouth in the community, Aunt Viv’s was offered a spot on the Bridgeport Harbor Station Construction site as the primary food vendor. Sarah and her husband have become a staple on site and have formed relationships with many of the workers. Aunt Viv’s dedication to their patrons shows through in the bonds they form with each one and they even go so far as modifying their menu to accommodate the desires of their customers.

Aunt Viv’s storefront is located at 1055 Huntington Turnpike providing customers with a location where they can purchase the same quality homecooked meals offered at Aunt Viv’s food truck.

Thank you Aunt Viv’s for providing BHS 5 with nutritious meals for all of our workers! PSEG is tankful to have a locally owned community business as our primary food vendor on site!