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PSEG Bridgeport Harbor Station Suppliers

PSEG Suppliers

PSEG relies on a variety of suppliers to provide products and services that will increase functionality for our operations in Connecticut. PSEG utilizes web based technology to identify new suppliers, conduct bids, and track supplier information.

PSEG strives to do business with suppliers who are committed to enhancing our corporate vision while contributing to our operational excellence. PSEG seeks innovative suppliers who will work with us to operate our businesses safely, reliably and with the highest level of integrity. PSEG is committed to identifying suppliers whose businesses are:

• Capable of meeting the needs of PSEG and have a proven track record of success in safety and execution.
• Compatible with the PSEG culture and business model.
• Competitive in terms of costs when compared to the competition.
• Committed to providing PSEG with the highest quality and innovative products and services that will drive business results while continuously identifying costs savings measures.

What We Buy

To meet ongoing business needs, PSEG routinely sources materials and services from an array of suppliers through PSEG’s Procurement organizations located at Bridgeport Harbor Station in Bridgeport, Connecticut and also at the corporate headquarters in Newark, New Jersey. The Procurement professionals at these locations buy materials that best fit the needs of our operations in Connecticut. Diverse suppliers are included in providing PSEG with a host of materials and services annually.

Key areas of spend include but are not limited to the following:

• Mechanical Craft Labor
• Electrical Craft Labor
• Civil Craft Labor
• Chemicals & Gases
• Electrical MRO
• Emissions Control Equipment
• Insulation Services
• Scaffolding Services
• Painting & Coatings
• Fire Protection & Detection
• Performance Testing Services
• Freeze Protection
• PV&F
• Safety Equipment
• Tools & Hardware

How to Apply

Please click the button below to download the PSEG Procurement Prequalification Form. Send the completed form to the address listed below or email to

PSEG Procurement – Fossil
Attn: Brandon Thomas
80 Park Plaza – Floor T11
Newark, New Jersey 07102

PSEG Supplier Diversity

At PSEG, we are committed to developing relationships with small, certified minority-, women-, service-disabled and veteran-owned businesses to support the communities we serve. We are eager to get to know you and your company.

To position your company to achieve the best success, simply click the “Register Now” button above and fill out the form. Our online application is tailored to help you provide the information and material we need to best market your business.

PSEG takes into consideration as much information and data as possible about your business to make informed buying decisions.

For questions, comments, or assistance, please contact our PSEG Procurement Manager, Brandon Thomas.


Equal Opportunity

PSEG provides opportunities to suppliers based on competitive costs, business capability, compatibility with our business needs, and commitment to quality work. We are committed to providing all suppliers who complete the registration process with an equal opportunity to provide PSEG with products or services. PSEG is also fully committed to maintaining the privacy of information shared with us.