Public Liaison Officer: 888-409-4220


A complete application must include:

1. Completion of this application form
2. Attendance at a PSEG Ready2Work Program Information Session at the Workplace
3. Inclusion of a Letter of Reference, delivered at Info Session
4. A copy of a valid driver’s license, delivered at Info Session

Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Please fill out all the information below and click the “submit” button.

1. Applicant basic information
Best way to reach me:
home phonecell phoneemail
2. Applicant demographic information
Veteran status:
US citizenresident alien
If not an US citizen, do you have a work visa?
Were you born in the United States?
3. Applicant educational background
Please select highest level of schooling that you have completed:
Dates attended:

Are you still attending school?
If you attended a vocational-technical high school or technical post-secondary school, please state:
Dates attended:

Please list any credentials or certificates you hold:
Date issued:

Date issued:

Date issued:
4. Applicant employment - beginning with your present or most recent employment, please list the last 2 positions you have held. Include any unpaid work experience.
Employment dates:

I am still working here.
Reason for leaving:
lay offcompany closedother
5. Are you at least 18 years of age?
If no, you are not eligible to apply for this program until you reach 18 years of age.
6. Would you be willing to take a drug/alcohol test to become accepted into the program?
7. Would you be willing to take a basic math and reading comprehension assessment?
8. Do you currently have a valid driver’s license?
You must have a valid driver’s license for admission into Building Pathways CT. If you do not currently hold a valid driver’s license, you must have a learner’s permit at the time you submit the application and a valid driver’s license by the 1st day of program admission (if accepted).
9. Do you own or have daily access to a vehicle that runs?
If yes, is your vehicle insured?
10. List all tools you have operated successfully at work or home (if any), e.g., hammer, power drill, etc.
11. Do you know anyone in the construction trades?
12. Have you had any previous introduction to construction careers or ever applied for or participated in a building trades apprenticeship program?
13. Why do you want to enter into a career in construction and what makes you a good candidate for this work?
14. Why should you be chosen to participate in Ready2Work?
15. You must provide at least one letter of professional reference, preferably from an employer or coworker, (not a friend or family member) with your application. The letter must be received by the workplace at the required information session.
The reference letter must include the reference’s name, address, phone number and signature, and should address the following qualities about you:
  • reliability
  • communication skills
  • motivation and/or leadership skills
  • ability to work with others
  • respect for others
16. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?
17. Do you have any physical or other difficulties that would impair your ability to work in construction?
18. How did you hear about Ready2Work?
Work PlaceFacebookR2W BrochureAmerican Job Centerfriend or relativecommunity organizationother


I certify that my answers on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if the information provided leads to admission into the PSEG Ready2Work Program, false or misleading information may result in my release. I authorize PSEG, The Workplace and Building Pathways to share this information with each other. I release and hold harmless any person, firm, or entity that discloses matters in accordance with this authorization, as well as from liability that might otherwise result from the request for use of and/or disclosure of any or all of the foregoing information. You are hereby authorized to make any investigation of my personal history, academic/professional credentials, military service records, criminal, driving, and financial records through any investigative or credit bureaus of your choice. This waiver does not permit the release or use of disability‐related or medical information in a manner prohibited by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other relevant federal and state laws.


Notice: This program is an apprenticeship-readiness program only. Participation in and/or completion of the program does not guarantee admission into an apprenticeship program, admission into a union or employment in the construction industry. Decisions on such admissions or employment are made by the individual apprenticeship program, union or employer and not by this program. By signing this application and participating in this program, you indicate your agreement and understanding that no promises or guarantees of admission to an apprenticeship program or a union or employment in the construction industry have been made to you and that no one representing this program has the authority to make such promises or guarantees.


All applications are accepted on a rolling basis and all Bridgeport residents interested in a career in the Connecticut Building Trades are encouraged to apply. Those applicants who were not accepted initially are welcome to re-apply. Neither PSEG Power Connecticut LLC, nor its parent company, PSEG, influence, monitor or screen the application process. All questions on individual applications should be referred to The Workplace or to Building Pathways CT, a Connecticut AFL-CIO John J. Driscoll United Labor Agency program.