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South End Summer Camp Tours the Bridgeport Harbor Station

kids touring PSEG Connecticut's Harbor Station 3

South End Summer Camp Tours the Bridgeport Harbor Station

Whether you live in the historic East End, the suburban North, the bustling West Side or by seaside’s South End, Park City residents have seen the tall Bridgeport Stack. Commonly referred to as the red-and-white tower, the structure peaks over the city’s skyline and even pierces the view of a few neighboring towns.

On August 8th, about thirty energy-infused youth were granted access to explore Bridgeport Harbor Station 3. “There’s the candy-cane!” stated one child as she pointed to the smoke stack. The group, hailing from Shiloh Baptist Church summer camp, explored PSEG Power CT’s interior and exterior office space, the factory turbine deck and learned about the in’s and out’s of Bridgeport’s most visible industrial factory in the city.

PSEG employees and the counselors spent time educating the kids on the various ways to make electricity.  They asked questions about the importance of all the types of power plants (i.e. solar, fossil fuel, nuclear).  The kids were energetic and excited about seeing an electrical power plant.

“As Bridgeport’s children learn and grow, so does PSEG. Inviting them inside the facility widens their perspective and gives us insight into the city’s future residents. Just like them, we too are learning how to serve Bridgeport better,” stated Plant Manager, Karl Wintermeyer.

As PSEG preps the facility’s soon-to-be retired power plant, the visual and operational structure of the site will live forever in the memories of the select few Bridgeport children.